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Empowering Your Body Through Movement

& Inner Strength

"We Rise By Lifting Others"

I love training with Mayra! While training with Mayra it was an amazing experience with all the knowledge she has. I love how she takes the time to learn your body while increasing your movements. Her passion is expressed in her work and her words.

Karina Ramirez Maldonado

I have been training since I was 19 and thought I knew everything about training and recovery until Mayra became my trainer 20 years later at 38. She took my training to a whole other level. And that wasn’t easy because I have a history of multiple operations on my knees and elbow. Mayra found exercises that adapted to my limitations but they were still very challenging. She even helped with my last knee surgery rehabilitation. She would always check in with me on my goals and where we were before recommending changes. Bottom line: Mayra is a special trainer because she has the experience, tools, and most importantly, the passion for training others.

Edward Dabdoub


Mayra is extremely thorough and dedicated to helping her clients achieve their goals. She focuses on proper technique and form during each session which helped me make tremendous progress. It had been years since I had a regular exercise routine when I started with her but she was patient, supportive and above all passionate about helping me get better each day. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help reaching their fitness goals!

Jessica Blanco

Mayra is a caring and compassionate fitness professional.  I have many old injuries and physical limitations, and she was able to design workouts that accommodated those issues.  She designed workouts that were very challenging while also not aggravating former injuries and not causing new ones.  I look forward to my workouts with Mayra because she trains me hard, but she is also nice to be around.  She is an all-around good person, and you will not regret choosing her to help you improve your fitness.

Mark Wilkins

Intuitive, creative, and adaptable. Possibly strange words to describe a personal trainer, however, those are the traits that I feel make Mayra a standout coach and get results. Working in corporate America and training in the evenings (especially after a stressful day) meant that I was not bringing my “A-game” every time I trained. Although Mayra is very knowledgeable and experienced in various modalities, what stood out for me was her ability to quickly determine my energy levels and adapt the exercises so that I got the most out of what I was capable of - at that moment. Often I would come in so stressed and burnt-out that I would be simply resolved to getting some movement in and by the end of the session, Mayra managed to get me to do a lot more than I thought I had in me. In the end results are what matters and Mayra’s ability to “read you” and transform seemingly simple movements into results is her talent! Bringing vast knowledge of various exercises and modalities allows her to customize the sessions on the fly (so it’s not the same boring routine) and produced results, which left me feeling more positive about myself and in better health.

Asif Ali

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