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Empowering Your Body Through Movement

& A Strong Mindset

"Motivation Gets You Started. Habits Keep You Going"

Annual Assessment

Our annual assessment will leave you with solutions you can immediately integrate into your daily life that will make an impact on your goals.


We believe the root of true change lies in our habits, which is why we only work on a few at a time. Your coach commits to following up with you monthly and holding you accountable for the habits we collaborate on. Your coach understands life is ever-changing full of highs and lows, and this is what makes having someone in your corner so valuable. 






Movement Screen

Body Composition Analysis

Cardiovascular Health Assessment


Personal Training Packages

Our coaching provides you with a lifestyle management program with your longevity in mind. With a holistic approach, our strength coaches design a personal roadmap to meet your specific goals. Since we understand life is ever-changing, the conversation between you and your coach will play a vital role in your success. 

We offer personal training in the Miami area, as well as virtual worldwide via Zoom! Contact us now to find what fits you best!


Virtual personal training

30 & 60 Mins

12 Pack 30 Min

12 Pack 60 Min

24 Pack 60 Min



personal training

60 & 90 Mins

12 pack 60 min

24 pack 60 min

12 pack 90 min

24 pack 90 min


At home

personal training

60 & 90 Mins

12 Pack 60 Min

24 Pack 60 Min

12 Pack 90 Min

24 Pack 90 Min

Nutrition Coaching



If you’re looking for only nutrition coaching, this package is for you. We will start with the assessment and schedule a weekly 30 min Facetime/Zoom/phone call.

(30 min) 4 pack / 12 pack


Corporate Wellness Coaching

Your health coach can host health and wellness workshops and events for your employees, including conducting individual health screenings and coaching sessions. Designed to help reduce the cost of healthcare as well as absenteeism, and ultimately inspire behavioral change.

Workout Lesson
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