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Empowering Your Body Through Movement

& Inner Strength

"Helping You Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable "


Coach Mayra 


My name is Mayra, founder of Integrate FP. I started this company out of both personal experiences in my own health journey as well as with my clients over the years in my personal training career. 


My own journey started at a young age when I was faced with health complications. My experience with our health industry and several doctors led directly to taking numerous medications and feeling hopeless. Upon embarking on my own health journey is when I realized we are quick to resolve a symptom, instead of the root cause of illness. I educated myself on how to properly nourish my body with both nutrition and movement and found myself in a different space and body months later. Although I knew I was still missing a key component in my health, it wasn’t until I graduated college and started the Tier X program at Equinox when I figured it out. Regeneration for me helped me regain control of my own health in ways I hadn’t realized. Implementing breathing techniques and focusing on getting the sleep my body was begging me for was my missing puzzle piece. Although I knew I was often stressed and anxious I didn’t have tools to mitigate the consequences of a high cortisol lifestyle. Within months I lost 25lbs, yes 25, and was free of disease and often debilitating mental health. 


My passion and experience for helping individuals gain control of their health led me to start Integrate Fitness and Performance. Along with numerous certifications that have led me to become an expert in my field, I finished my master’s degree and continue researching methods that will aid in my client’s success. Contact me now for ways to help you integrate specific habits into your life!

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Coach ALLY 

My name is Alejandra, but you can call me Ally! My passion for performance started playing soccer when I was in middle school, which later evolved into playing collegiate soccer for Warner University. My experience as an athlete motivated me to pursue my master’s at the University of South Florida, where I gained experience helping athletes of different sports rehab properly to perform at elite levels. After working at Equinox as both a Health Coach and Fitness Manager, I’ve continued working one on one with professional athletes as well as general populations. 


Being an athlete that suffered different injuries taught me tremendous patience and the importance of proper rehab, which helps shape the coach I am today.

More importantly, it allows me to understand my clients from different perspectives and deliver them the results they’re looking to achieve!


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