Integrate Fitness and Performance prides itself on providing concierge health coaching services. We provide you with the tools on how to integrate specific habits into your daily life that won’t take up too much time.


Why Integrate?

Our coaching provides you with a lifestyle management program with your longevity in mind. With a holistic approach, our strength coaches design a personal roadmap to meet your specific goals. Since we understand life is ever-changing, the conversation between you and your coach will play a vital role in your success. 

We offer personal training in the Miami area, as well as virtual worldwide via Zoom! Contact us now to find what fits you best!

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"Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive And Believe, It Can Achieve"




Have you suffered from chronic pain, visited your doctor, performed countless procedures, and were left without answers?


We know exactly how you feel, and you’re not alone.

Integrate Fitness and Performance is a pioneer in the emerging health coaching industry. Their methodology of preventing and treating modern-day pains and injuries is changing the way we view true health and well being.


What To Expect From Your

Annual Assessment

Our annual assessment will assist in building, maintaining, and enhancing your optimal health! We will help bridge the gap between where you are now and where you are trying to go, following up with you throughout the year. 

Our clients compare it to their annual visit with their physician, ensuring they're keeping up with their body's needs and taking the necessary steps to accomplish their health and performance goals. We proudly work alongside Functional Physicians in the Miami area!

Having a Health Coach in your corner allows you the freedom to contact us as much as needed, ensure we follow up with other health professionals you might be working with, the accountability we often need, and a relationship that is designed to help you thrive!

Annual Assessment






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Body Composition Analysis

Cardiovascular Health Assessment

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